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USDA Licensed Hedgehog Breeder
Located in South Dakota


Northern Plains Hedgehogs

Northern Plains Hedgehogs is a USDA licensed breeder located in South Dakota.  

We also serve the upper Midwestern states of North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Montana, eastern Nebraska, and western Wisconsin. 

We have hedgehogs with individuals, families, and other licensed breeders in the following states:

                       Minnesota                North Dakota              South Dakota                

                          Wisconsin                      Iowa                         Nebraska                   

                         Washington                   Montana                     Alabama                      

                            Florida                 Kansas                       Michigan

                            Illinois                     Wyoming                    Missouri

We strive to produce quality, healthy hedgehogs with excellent temperaments.  We believe that hedgehogs that are handled on a daily basis and are well socialized with different people of different ages, make the best overall pets.  We pride ourselves in producing the best, pet/breeding quality hedgehogs, and at the same time, keeping them happy and healthy.

 Our hedgehogs come in a variety of colors such as Dark Grey, Standard Grey, Chocolate, Cinnicot, Facially Marked Pinto's, and more.

We hold the babies as soon as possible after they are born, or as the mother allows.  We do this on a daily basis to make sure they are friendly and well socialized before going to there new home.  

We are proud to be supporting members of the the following organizations:

 Please feel free to browse through our website for more information on how to care for a hedgehog, available babies, how to reserve a baby and place a deposit and much more.